Bryce Coryea ​

Reverend Paul Bowen 

Kristi Pulley

Kelley Miller

Kevin Glazer

President: Jose Perez

Vice President: Mary Jackson

Treasurer: Paul Kuczora

​Secretary: Kristi Pulley​

Executive Director: ​Joey Walda


Last year, volunteers donated more than 28,000 hours to help us feed Grant County's poor. Volunteers serve food, stock the thrift store shelves, unload trucks, perform building maintenance and much more.

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Last year, St. Martin provided more than 80,000 meals and 26,000 food boxes. We have an immeasurable debt of gratitude for local businesses and individuals who donated money, food and other items to make this possible.

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mission & vision

St. Martin is called to feed the poor.  Our daily meals and food pantry help satisfy basic needs. As simple needs are met, the network of Health and Human Services agencies help the poor build necessary skills to work out of poverty.  

St. Martin Community Center

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About Us 

As the new Director of St. Martin, I am honored to continue our vital mission of serving the Grant County community. Over the past three years, I have witnessed both the challenges and triumphs faced by those we assist. Our goal remains to meet the essential needs of food, shelter, and safety, enabling individuals to work towards self-sufficiency.
Grant County's economic difficulties have increased the demand for our services. Despite these challenges, St. Martin remains a steadfast pillar of support. While some may view our efforts as fostering dependency, we know that meeting basic needs is crucial for individuals to pursue higher-level goals like job training and personal development.
Our collaboration with other Human Services organizations ensures a comprehensive support system to help break the cycle of poverty. Every success story from our efforts is a testament to the dedication of our staff, volunteers, and supporters.
Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our mission. Together, we will continue to make a profound impact in the lives of those who need it most.   

Joey Walda, Executive Director

Our founder

Nurturing our Community by Decreasing the Effects of Poverty

Celebrating 57 Years of Service to Grant County 1967-Present