President: Jose Perez, IN Health Center Director

Vice President: Mary Jackson, Detention Center

Treasurer: Paul Kuczora, Grant-Blackford Mental Health

​Secretary: Mary Eckerie, Marion Librarian

Executive Director: Teresa Campbell, St. Martin

​Additional Board Members:

  ​​Bryce Coryea, Center Township Trustee

Anne Duncan, Owen-Weilert-Duncan Funeral Home

Debbie Dailey, Guidance Counselor 

David Ritchie, Taylor University 

Reverend Paul Bowen, Retired Reverend

Christopher Perry, Huhtamaki, Inc., Plant Manager

Cary Laferney, Walgreens Manager

Barbara Winters​, Retired Corporate Executive

Joe Hoffert​​​, Indiana Wesleyan University Professor


Last year, volunteers donated more than 28,000 hours to help us feed Grant County's poor. Volunteers serve food, stock the thrift store shelves, unload trucks, perform building maintenance and much more.

​​The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, social justice and God's deep concern for both. The following are a few verses regarding the poor. 

About Us 

program Stats

In 2016, St. Martin provided more than 80,000 meals and 30,000 food pantry visits to the poor. We have an immeasurable debt of gratitude for local businesses and individuals who donated money, food and other items to make this possible.

St. Martin History

mission & vision

St. Martin is called to feed the poor.  Our daily meals and food pantry help satisfy basic needs. As simple needs are met, the network of Health and Human Services agencies help the poor build necessary skills to work out of poverty.  

Nurturing our Community by Decreasing the Effects of Poverty

St. Martin Board Members

For the past eight years, as the Director of St Martin, I've seen the plight of the poor grow steadily within Grant County. As the county has become more economically depressed through business closure, there has been an increase in the need for food. Many people argue a "hand out" adds to the entitlement of those who receive government benefits. However, as one who understands the social science behind poverty, until lower level, basic human needs of food, shelter, and safety are met, higher level needs like job training, social skills and an overall advanced level of functioning are simply secondary concerns. At St. Martin, we aim to help satisfy those lower level needs, and work with the community of Human Services partners in Grant County to assist the poor in working out of poverty. Over the years we’ve helped many of those impacted by poverty become self-sustaining members of the county, and each one of those successes is worth our life’s mission to do God’s work and serve the poor.   


Celebrating 50 Years of Service to Grant County 1967-Present

St. Martin Community Center

Director's Letter

We are called to Serve the poor

Our founder

Teresa Campbell

 St. Martin Executive Director

1967 - An anonymous donation of $50 was used

to feed seasonal workers, and "Kay's Kitchen"

was created through St. Paul's Catholic Church.

1993 ​- St. Martin Community Center became an

independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation,

presided over by a board of directors.

1995 - A devastating fire destroyed the church, 

which housed our food security programs. Local

churches graciously allowed us to utilize their

facilities to continue operations. 

1997 - After two years of fundraising the current

St. Martin building at 901 S Branson St. was built.

2002 - A $200,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Grant County funded an addition to our facility. 

Present - St. Martin serves free breakfast and lunch six days per week, and offers emergency pantry food to the poor. The proceeds from the thrift store, generous donations of money, food, time and household items and USDA enable St. Martin to continue feeding the poor.